R.V Teachers Training Institute came to existence along with its sister institute, R.V Teachers College, in the year 1954. RVTTI is the oldest co-educational teachers’ training institute in the city. It has been recognized by the Government of Karnataka and N.C.T.E. We offer a two-year Diploma in Education (D.El.Ed) course. The college is government-aided.

We are proud to say that T.T.I has been selected by the Government of Karnataka as one of the key centers for science teaching, under the UNICEF project. Under this scheme, we have received funds that have enabled us to use a host of technological apparatus and equipment in the teaching process. We are grateful to the program for granting us these facilities.

TTI was selected as a project centre by the British Council and the DSERT, and experts from Britain participated as resource persons in an Environmental Studies Workshop conducted on campus.

We were also part of a scheme titled Access to Primary Education, which was facilitated by the UNICEF who were kind enough to supply us with a duplicating machine, for which we are grateful.

In the year 1994, the institute also undertook literacy programmes for the villagers of Manganahalli, for a period of one year. Our teachers and staff were primarily involved in the project, and our then Principal T.A Srimathi received state awards in recognition of the same.