The R.S.S.T was founded by Sri. M.C Sivananda Sarma, at a time when education was considered a privilege. The mission was to impart quality education and offer opportunities to all sections of the society, a project that has grown now to levels that would never have been imagined at the time of its humble beginnings. Sri Meda Kasturi Ranga Shetty, a businessman and philanthropist, joined hands with our founder, and provided a great deal of impetus to the movement. Today, we stand at the forefront of the educational apparatus in the state.

The Trust has a number of progressive-minded trustees who are deeply interested in the cause of education. Each R.V Institution, under the rubric of the trust, is ranked high by the people of the state. R.V Engineering College is usually cited as being one of the top ten colleges in the country.

Sri M. C. Sivanda Sarma  

( Founder )